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SPEECHES by Paul R. Baier

The Louisiana Bar Foundation proudly announces the publication of LSU Law Professor Paul R. Baier's book, SPEECHES, with a foreword by Justice Harry A. Blackmun. The book tells the story of Eldon Fallon's invitation to Professor Baier to become the first Scholar-in-Residence of the LBF. Thereafter, the reader listens anew to our first Scholar-in-Residence's oration unveiling the Rosenthal Portrait of Chief Justice Edward Douglas White and to his speech "Time and the Court," on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Supreme Court of the United States. Vibrant verbal portraits of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr., Judge Albert Tate, Jr., and other jurists fill the book. Stage appearances at the Library of Congress and the Social Law Library, Boston, add teasing drama to the book. Of these speeches, Justice Blackmun writes "They range from intense verbal portraits of jurists the author has admired-with fine and peppery doses of Holmes and Scalia-to serious detailed reviews of the work of the Supreme Court at critical points." Judge Eldon Fallon adds: "Professor Baier knows his history. He has a way with words. His speeches, like Holmes's before him, touch hearts."

Preview the book.

Copies, pp. vi, 261, paperback, perfect binding, $24.30, including sales tax and postage, are available from Claitor's Publishing Division, Baton Rouge. Professor Baier will inscribe all copies if requested when ordering. 20% royalty to the LBF's Civil Justice Initiative with thanks to Professor Baier for his patronage.

Order here: http://www.claitors.com

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