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The Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) and Louisiana Appleseed have formed a partnership to increase the effectiveness of pro bono efforts statewide. The LBF supports programs that provide free legal services for the poor in all 64 parishes of the state of Louisiana. Appleseed is part of a national network of public interest justice centers that use pro bono attorneys to develop solutions to deep-seated structural problems.

As the primary supporter of organizations providing traditional legal assistance, the LBF recognizes the need for non-traditional, policy-level pro bono work. Through the LBF's legal services network and Louisiana Appleseed's innovative pro bono model, the two organizations will work together to develop practical and lasting solutions to chronic problems in Louisiana. Together we will work to ease the burden on Louisiana legal service providers and offer an opportunity to make more than just incremental steps toward equal justice in this state.

Louisiana Appleseed is one of 16 chapters of National Appleseed, a network of public interest law centers in the U.S. and Mexico dedicated to building a just society through legal, legislative and institutional structural reform. Louisiana Appleseed asks top private practice lawyers, corporate counsel, law schools, civic leaders and other professionals to commit pro bono time to address problems at their root causes, producing practical, systemic solutions to effect change.

To date, Louisiana Appleseed has enlisted more than 80 volunteer attorneys across the state and nation to work on projects such as writing mental health handbooks, resolving title-clearing issues for low-wealth individuals and bridging the gap between low-income communities and mainstream banks and financial institutions.

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