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2018 Fellows Class Project

In partnership with Louisiana Appleseed, the Fellows Class Project Series is a way for new Fellows to become involved and be a part of the LBF mission.

The 2018 Fellows Class Project will continue to focus on the Legal Service Corporations (LSC) Liaison Project. The LSC Liaison Project educates communities throughout Louisiana about the importance of LSCs and how the recent decline in state and federal funding, in addition to Louisiana’s high poverty, place our already challenged civil legal aid system in crisis. This topic is extremely important considering the recent study conducted which determined that for every $1 invested in Louisiana’s civil legal aid services, $9.13 in immediate and long-term consequential financial benefits was returned to the state.

Through a professionalism CLE for the class, Louisiana Appleseed will provide the Fellows with an overview of the importance of addressing this crisis—including the areas of law LSCs handle, the clientele they service, and their overwhelming need for additional resources. The Fellows will help by visiting their local LSC office to observe and to better understand the various types of legal assistance that LSCs provide to low-income and vulnerable people who cannot otherwise afford legal help.  The Fellows will then be asked to assist Louisiana Appleseed by reaching out to groups—such as rotary clubs, community associations, social clubs, and other local organizations—in their geographic area to raise awareness of the LSCs’ important work and to advocate for additional resources.  

Given the vital importance of this issue, this Class Project topic is continuing for a second year in order to continue to raise awareness of the need for LSC funding throughout the state. 

Attention LBF Fellows RSVP for the Annual Fellows Membership Meeting Friday, April 5 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans

The Louisiana Bar Foundation Annual Fellows Membership Meeting will be held at noon on Friday, April 5, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. This luncheon meeting is an opportunity for Fellows to be updated on LBF activities and elect new board members. The President’s Award will be presented, and recognition will be given to the 2018 Distinguished Honorees and the Calogero Justice Award recipient. RSVP Today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All LBF Fellows in good standing should have received an official meeting notice with the Board slate and a committee selection form in early March. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Sewell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 504 561-1046.

President's Message April/May 2019

Q&A with 2019-20 LBF President Amanda W. Barnett

Interviewed by 2019-20 Secretary Alan G. Brackett

LBF Supports Children's Advocacy Center

LBF Supports Children's Advocacy Center

Children’s Advocacy Center - Hope House in Covington recognized the LBF Northshore Community Partnership Panel (CPP) for the panel’s support of the Hope House Forensic Interviewing Program. 

Photo: H. Dunbar Healy, LBF Board, Thomas Mitchell, CAC- Hope House Executive Director, and Patricia Bonneau, Northshore CPP Chair.

CAC - Hope House is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of child abuse in the community. They provide a path to recovery and a bridge to justice for victims of abuse. CAC - Hope House provides forensic interviewing, family advocacy, counseling services, and prevention outreach within St. Tammany and Washington Parishes.

The Forensic Interviewing Program,  utilizes a professional who is trained in the complex dynamics of child abuse, the developmental issues of children, and the appropriate way to ask questions in a neutral, non-leading manner. It is a fact-finding conversation to determine if a child has been abused. A forensic interview discovers the child’s reality about their experience.

Distinguished Honorees are Celebrated at LBF Gala

Distinguished Honorees are Celebrated at LBF Gala

The Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) celebrated the 33rd annual Fellows Gala on April 5. The LBF honored the 2018 Distinguished Jurist D. Milton Moore III, Distinguished Attorney H. Bruce Shreves, Distinguished Professor Thomas C. Galligan, Jr., and the Calogero Justice Award recipient, the Kendall Vick Public Law Foundation. From left, Galligan, Jerome J. Reso President of the Kendall Vick Public Law Foundation, 2019-20 LBF President Amanda W. Barnett, Shreves and Moore. Photo by Adrien Broussard.

Northshore Community Partnership Panel Recognized

Northshore Community Partnership Panel Recognized

The LBF Northshore Community Partnership Panel was honored by Southeast Louisiana Legal Services for its ongoing commitment to increasing access to justice. Patricia Bonneau, Northshore CPP Chair, accepted the SLLS Northshore Pro Bono Project Founder's Award on behalf of the LBF Northshore CPP.

Photo: Bonneau and  22nd JCD Judge Dawn Amacker Division L

LBF Installs 2019-20 Board

LBF Installs 2019-20 Board

The Hon. John C. Davidson installed the 2019-20 Louisiana Bar Foundation’s (LBF) officers at the 33rd annual Fellows Gala in April. From left, Judge Davidson, President Amanda W. Barnett, Vice President Christopher K. Ralston, Treasurer Harry J. (Skip) Philips, Jr., and Secretary Alan G. Brackett. Photo by Adriene Broussard.

President's Message February/March

The Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator Project

I am happy to report on one of our new projects, the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator. To improve accessibility, effectiveness and efficiency of legal services in Louisiana, the Louisiana Bar Foundation is creating an integrated civil legal aid service delivery portal that leverages artificial intelligence and subject matter expert (SME) contributors. The project, which is derived from a Legal Services Corporation (LSC) pilot program, aims to direct Louisiana's low-income and under-served communities to the most appropriate resources with the civil legal network.

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