Ambassadors for Free Civil Legal Aid

Announcing a New LBF Membership Level-Civil Legal Aid Fellow

The Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) is inviting members of the community who are not attorneys to become advocates for free civil legal aid.  “For the first time in LBF history, we are opening membership to community members who support our mission,” said LBF President Chris Ralston. “If you believe that all Louisianans, regardless of their background or income level, should have access to free civil legal services, then you should join us as a Civil Legal Aid Fellow.”

Access to civil legal services makes our community stronger by helping people avoid foreclosure, protect themselves from domestic violence, gain custody of loved ones, and safeguard economic security. Align yourself with an organization whose members are touching the lives of families that need help. Your membership is a statement of commitment to fairness and equal access for all in the justice system.  

Join us today. For information about the membership click here.

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