Legal Assistance to the Poor

The LBF awards grants to non-profit 501c3 entities to provide free direct legal services to indigent clients. Legal Service corporations, Pro Bono Projects, Domestic Violence Programs and Other/Specialized Legal Services qualify for this type of funding. 

Legal Service Corporations
Eligible programs are funded by the LSC federal agency and provide civil legal services to the indigent in each parish of the state. Attorneys and paralegals, provide free legal services in many areas of the law including: spouse abuse, divorce, child custody, adoptions, child support, child in need of care matters, child abuse and neglect, medicare benefits, unemployment compensation, veterans benefits, social security and SSI claims, welfare, public housing, and landlord/tenant matters.

Pro Bono Projects
Often operated by the local bar association, these projects utilize the local private bar to handle cases for the poor pro bono in many legal areas as indicated above.

Domestic Violence Programs
These agencies enable people to leave abusive relationships and seek safety for themselves and their children. Essential services provided by these agencies are shelter, 24-hour crisis line, legal services, education of domestic/dating violence, and establishing collaborative relationships with law enforcement, judges, clerks of court, and prosecutors. By offering safety to these kids and their families, we seek to break the cycle of violence and offer hope for their future.

Other Direct Legal Services Providers
Through staff attorneys and paralegals, these programs provide legal services of a special nature such as mental health and child advocacy mediation. 

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