Annual/Sustaining Funding Description:

  • 12 month grants in 8 categories
  • fixed application period
  • Grant Committee of 30+ volunteers work in subcommittees by category
  • 3-4 months review period includes several meetings and onsite visit of applicant
  • grant awards vary from $2,500 upward
  • Grant Committee recommendations are approved by the LBF Board

Documents for Grant Application:

spreadsheet Budget Sheet (43 KB)

pdf Educational Indebtedness (35 KB)

pdf Employment Certification (107 KB)

pdf Lender Verification (141 KB)

Annual/Sustaining Funding Categories:

The Louisiana Bar Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity organized under the state of Louisiana.

To report misappropriation, fraud, waste, or abuse of public funds, travel to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s website: