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Louisiana Bar Foundation Grantees 2006

Administration of Justice   $107,000.00

LSBA Access to Justice Program $37,000.00
LSBA 800 Legal Assistance Call Center $70,000.00

CASA   $3,828.00

CASA of Terrebonne, Inc. $2,828.00
CASA of West Central of Louisiana $1,000.00

Domestic Violence Programs   $198,688.00

Beauregard Community Concerns, Inc. June Jenkins Women's Shelter $9,010.00
Calcasieu Women's Shelter, Inc. $11,834.00
Capital Area Family Violence Center /Legal Services Component $4,034.00
Catholic Charities/Project S.A.V.E. $22,300.00
Chez Hope $9,414.00
D.A.R.T. of Lincoln (Domestic Abuse Resistance Team) $9,952.00
Faith House, Inc. $12,372.00
Family Counseling Agency, Inc. Turning Point Shelter $8,741.00
Jeff Davis Communities Against Domestic Inc. $7,381.00
Metropolitan Battered Women's Program, Inc. $30,820.00
New Start Center $7,102.00
Safety Net for Abused Persons $13,717.00
Southeast Spouse Abuse Program $12,500.00
St. Bernard Battered Women's Center $2,959.00
The Haven, Inc. $7,236.00
Vernon Community Action Council, Inc. $7,127.00
YWCA of Northeast Louisiana/Project SAFE $11,834.00
YWCA of Northwest Louisiana, Inc. /Family Violence Program $10,355.00

The Louisiana Bar Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity organized under the state of Louisiana.